A downloadable game for Windows

This ancient oriental styled game is called: Peach of Immortality. Command your invincible squad and crush nearly endless enemy armies. Assemble your fabulous team with legendary characters and defend the peach of immortality. Heroes may die, but peaches must survive!

Created by Team ChinaPunk(Project of UCI ICS 169 Class)


Yuanqing Fan: Design and Programmer

Bowen Deng: Programmer and Artist 

Shiyang Fang: Producer and Artist

Shuzhan Xie: Sound Designer and Writer

Yuran Yan: Programmer and Designer

Zhehao Xie: Programmer


Peach_Of_Immortality_Build.zip 40 MB

Install instructions

This build of our game is Windows only. Download it and run it by left click the icon. We recommend you to run this game with 1920X1080 Resolution(we have windowed version and full-screen version). After opening the game build, you will see a main menu, and click start to play.

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